Designed and Curated to be Kind to the Universe

For Women by Women

Karetaa is an online store born out of love and passion, built on a vision that defines women not by their age or ethnicity, but purely by their inner beauty and personality. Presenting them a sustainable collection to have fun and play their own stylist.


We symbolize the desire to Create, Curate and be part of the Change in consuming natural, vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable materials.We believe in creating a compassionate lifestyle by combining tasteful, luxury product, and latest innovation without giving up style or fashion. As a brand it is important for us to partner with like-minded brands and stock their products in our store.

Our products are ethically produced and packaged using 100% recycled material.

We believe in the purity of the food we eat , the clothes we wear and most certainly believe…No one should go hungry on this planet.




We care, we share, one dollar at a time


We partner with Clothing For Care​ a non profit organization.


We donate a percentage for every piece we sell, towards feeding underprivileged youth and children.

Thank you for shopping with us

We believe and support gender equality